McKinney Magic's goal is to provide year round sports training, athletic opportunities and competition in a variety of sports. McKinney Magic athletes compete in five different areas of competitions - basketball, soccer, softball, bocce and golf throughout the year. In each of the sport competitions, athletes have either competed in the Special Olympics area competition or at the state level.

BASKETBALL IS THE SPORT OF THE MOMENT - Visit the EVENTS page for more information.

Basketball usually begins the first Wednesday in December and runs through February. McKinney Magic had five basketball teams that participated in competitions in 2011 - 2013 season. The teams competed in real game play and scrimmaged several other Special Olympic teams in the area in preparation for the area tournament in February.

Soccer begins shortly after Basketball ends and continues through the end of May.

Softball begins the second week in July and continues through September OR October. Our athletes particpate in competition in the coach pitch division.

Golf is also a summer sport. Practice begins in July and runs through September/October. We offer individual skills golf as well as upper level play.

Bocce is a third sport offered in the summer. Practice begins in July and continues through September. This sport is great as it affords even the most limited athletes an opportunity to participate in an organized sport.


At age 10, athletes can start participating in Area Events

At age 12 and up, athletes can participate in State Competitions

McKinney Magic would love to increase participation to allow for more exposure to the community. In order for this to happen, McKinney Magic needs volunteers and donations. Special Olympics is a life long recreational activity and a great way to help the athletes succeed.

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