As with any non-profit organization, volunteers are the lifeline of our organization. Volunteers serve as coaches, assistant coaches, fundraiser coordinators, chaperones and much more. Volunteers make a big impact on the lives of our athletes and many volunteers find that they receive a positive experience from working with our athletes.

Due to the wonderful growth of our organization, we are in NEED of Volunteers. If you are interested in coming out and helping our organization by either coaching, being an assistant coach, helping with the athletes during practice, etc. Please come to one of our basketball practices in Janurary or February, or contact Christine Qualls at

Volunteer Opportunities


For each sport the athletes participate in a coach is required. For those sports where more than one team participates, a coach is needed for each team. We are looking for individuals to help our athletes by becoming certified coaches or assistant coaches in each of the sports that we offer. In order to get certified, one must do the following:

  • Complete the General Orientation Training online on the Special Olympics Texas website.
  • Complete the Protective Behaviors Training online on the Special Olympics Texas website.
  • Attend a sport specific coaches training offered through Special Olympics Texas.
  • Compete 10 hours of practicum with Special Olympics Texas athletic team. This can be obtained through practices.
  • Submit the certification/practicum form to the area office or training director/manager for approval.
  • Be a registered Class A volunteer with SOTX.
  • Maintain certification by attending the annual area conference and remaining active in the sport.

Assistant coaches do not require a certification. However, all volunteers must be a registered Class A volunteer and submit to a background check.

High school students are welcome to help coach our athletes, and through their service high school students may earn credits for school for their community service.

For more information on becoming a certified coach or assistant coach, please contact our Head of Delegation, Terry Qualls, at 972-896-6688 or


While each of our athletes pay a nominal participation fee, most of our funds come from donations or fundraising. We are in need of someone to help organize and/or help with fundraising and obtaining donations. Please contact Christine Qualls at 972-896-8774 or or Jane Hardin Morris at 214-695-2351 or

More Information

You can find more information on what is required to become a volunteer by visiting the Texas Special Olympics website at or by contacting the following people within our organization:

Terry Qualls, Head of Delegation, at 972-896-6688 or;
Christine Qualls, President, at 972-896-8774 or; or
Jane Hardin Morris, Treasurer, at 214-695-2351 or

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